Top Halloween Picks for French Bulldogs in 2023 – frenchie Shop



Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s the best time for French bulldog owners to dress their pups in spooky and adorable costumes. French bulldogs are famous for their charming personalities and what’s better than chow casing their cuteness by dressing them for Halloween? In 2023 there are many fantastic costumes available for French bulldogs. Whether you want to channel their inner chunky, make them a swashbuckling pirate, or dress them a Wild West cowboy, there is the perfect Halloween costume for every Frenchie type. In this blog, we will explore the top Halloween picks for French bulldogs in 2023.

Chucky Costume for French bulldog

You can start with a classic horror-inspired costume for your Frenchie that will surely turn heads. If you want to give a spooky makeover to your Frenchie this costume is perfect. This dog costume is adorable and scary for parties, trick or treating, and getting spooky photos with your furry friend. It’s always important to choose a costume of high quality that won’t irritate your pet’s skin.

This costume is made by keeping in mind the comfort and safety during Halloween festivities. The costume has ribbon ties and Velcro straps so you can dress your dog in a breeze. Putting this dress on and off is hassle-free. Even when you go to parties this chunky costume will steal the spotlight. However, always choose the right size so that the costume will be a comfortable fit for your furry friend.

Caribbean Pirate French Bulldog Halloween Costume

Arr, matey! If you want to give a touch of adventure to the Halloween look of your French bulldog then the Caribbean Pirate French bulldog is the best choice. This costume has an adorable pirate hat that has a skull and cross-bone design. No doubt this costume will make our Frenchie a fearless pirate who is ready to sail through seven seas. The Caribbean Pirate outfits also have a pirate-style shirt that gives your pup an authentic irate look.

The shirt is also very easy to put on and off. This costume is made by keeping your pet’s comfort in mind, it has soft breathable fabric that ensures your Frenchie can move easily. There is a sleeve on the front for your Frenchie legs and two arms that are stuffed. The costume has adjustable straps that help you fit this perfectly on your furry friend.

Cowboy Costume for French bulldog

Saddle up, partner! If you are thinking about giving your Frenchie a taste of the Wild West this Halloween, then buying a cowboy costume for your Frenchie is a great choice. Your pup will have a classic western look by featuring a bandana and cowboy hat. No doubt your pup is ready to ride in the Halloween sunset. Dressing your pup in this costume is very easy and that’s because of the design and adjustable straps.

In a matter of seconds, your Frenchie will become a cute cowboy. The material used for this costume is soft, skin-friendly, breathable, polyester fiber and cotton thus your pup can enjoy the festivities without any restriction. The best feature of this costume is that it can withstand some rough and tumble play and it is built to last longer. Make sure to select the right size for your Frenchie by measuring from a manufacturing chart. A well-fitting costume ensures a happy Frenchie!

I’m a Dogtor – Halloween Costume

If you want a funny and punny costume for your Frenchie then I’m a Dogtor Halloween costume is a great option. This costume is a play of words and in this “I’m a Dogtor” costume your pup will surely look like a medical professional and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. The costume even has a lab coat along with pockets and a stethoscope graphic. By wearing this costume your Frenchie will look ready for a checkup.

This costume is very convenient to use as it can easily slip onto your French bulldog. By wearing this dress your Frenchie will be the life of a Halloween party without any fuss. This “I’m a Dogtor” costume is made of breathable and soft fabric that makes sure your pup enjoys all the festivities with comfort. There are different sizes available so choose the right size for your pup.

I’m a Cowboy – Frenchie Halloween Costume

Let’s round up our list of top Halloween picks for French Bulldogs in 2023 with another cowboy-themed costume – “I’m a Cowboy.” This costume is great for those who want to dress their pup with a touch of West and humor. This costume comes with a hat that will make it adorable and charming for your Frenchie. This small hat makes a big impact on the dressing of your pup. Your Frenchie will look like a true cowboy because the costume is designed like a cowboy sitting on a rodeo cowboy.

When your dog runs it will appear like a cowboy rodeo is riding the Frenchie. The costume is also very easy to take on and off. Made of comfortable and soft fabric your Frenchie can easily move in this costume. Like other costumes, this one also has different sizes so select the right size and be sure to measure your pup before selecting the size.


Halloween is the right time to let your creativity come into play and dress up your Frenchie in adorable fun costumes. In 2023, the top Halloween picks for French Bulldogs include the Chucky Costume, Caribbean Pirate Costume, Cowboy Costume, “I’m a Dogtor” Costume, and “I’m a Cowboy” Costume. Each of these costumes has its unique charm and style, allowing your Frenchie to join in the Halloween fun with enthusiasm.