Today Is Not the Equinox



Sunset is due west on the equinox, North Dakota Hwy 5 (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

21 September 2023

Are we there yet? Have we reached the equinox?

In Pittsburgh the winter solstice invariably arrives on 21 December, but the 21st never works for the autumnal equinox.

As an astronomical event, the equinox arrives everywhere on Earth at exactly the same moment but is expressed as different dates and times because of longitude and time zones. Hawaii’s equinox is on the 22nd while Paris and Johannesburg have the same date and time because of time zones.

Universal Time23 Sep, 6:50AM UTC
Pittsburgh23 Sep, 2:50 AM EDT
Honolulu, HI22 Sep, 8:49?PM HST
Tokyo23 Sep 22, 3:49?PM JST
Paris23 Sep, 8:49AM CET
Johannesburg, SA23 Sep, 8:49AM SAST

For most of the Earth this month’s equinox will occur on the 23rd. When it does everyone’s sunset will be exactly west, just like the photo above.

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(photo from Wikimedia Commons)