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How to ensure you and your dog are getting everything you need

Are you worried that your and your dog’s diet is missing something? Maybe you’re worried about toxin levels in food, the environment, or flea and tick products.

Let’s face it; we can’t remove ourselves entirely from our toxin-filled world, but we can do things to reduce our exposure to harmful substances. 

Here are three steps you can take:
    1. Perform a semi-annual detox – CLICK to learn more (yes, dogs can detox too!)
    2. Use natural flea and tick control – CLICK to bundle and save.
    3. Eat and feed a balanced natural diet which is the greatest challenge. 


Why is it a challenge?

In an ideal world, our dogs would get a diet consisting solely of wild meat and organic plants, rich in all the essential nutrients – Omega-3s, minerals, and vitamins

In an ideal world, we would be hunting and gathering the best organic foods free from chemicals, additives, and pollution. 

But let’s face it; we live in a very different world than the magical “Avatar-land” of perfection. 

Let me ask you something… 

What do you do with your organic food leftovers? 

Do you put them in the: 

1. garbage
2. compost
3. field/garden where the food originated

Only the third option ensures the complete recycling of finite soil nutrients. 

This is what nature intended! 

Taking without giving isn’t sustainable, and the Earth needs to be replenished in order to keep providing us with everything we need. 

Many people do their best and compost their organic waste; however, this is not a solution to the problem of nutrient depletion in food. 

When nutrients are missing from our diet,

weakness, disease, and a shortened lifespan set in.

I am certain that most people are well aware of the omnipresence of toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances in our world. But the typical response is to feel overwhelmed by not knowing what to do about it all. 

This is why so many people do nothing and just hope that they and their dogs don’t get sick. It’s the nature of the human brain to ignore or avoid problems when there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution.

Good news:

The problem of nutrient deficiencies has an easy solution!

Magic happens when you provide the essential nutrientsminerals, vitamins, Omega-3s, and probiotics.

A health transformation is inevitable when you give the body what it is missing. Click here to read about the transformations.

I’m so grateful to feel good and be healthy less than a year away from turning 60. So when I repeatedly hear stories about people or dogs struggling with preventable diseases, decreased mobility, cancer, and poor health, I am heartbroken and know that I need to do more. 

This is why I often touch upon this topic, hoping the message will be heard and shared until it becomes common sense. 

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