The fine line between feedback and criticism – Dr. Dobias Natural Healing



 How influential voices can make or break a brand

If you have ever tried to make a product, create art, or learn a craft, you know firsthand that it is much easier to criticize than it is to create something.

I am often asked to give my opinion on a specific brand or product, but I only share my thoughts when I have had a good experience, knowing that my positive feedback will help the brand grow. 

It’s a pretty common occurrence for someone to ask for my thoughts about supplements similar to ours. In such instances, I focus on explaining what is unique about our formulas, from the ingredients to using the process of fermentation, glass packaging for all supplements, and plastic-free shipping of our essential supplements for dogs and people.

Do I ever share a negative opinion?

The answer is yes, but only if someone asks me about a product I am certain can cause potential harm.

A good example is toxic flea and tick products and their side effects, which I have shared information on in my blogs. 

I have also shared information about a common drug for diarrhea that has been shown to cause more digestive problems, and I have written about the many risks collars pose to the health of dogs.

What is the difference between complaining and providing constructive feedback?

Criticism and complaints are rarely followed by offering a solution to the problem. People often complain or criticize publicly online without contacting the company that provides the service or product. 

Constructive feedback, on the other hand, is direct and comes with a suggestion and advice. It is well intended to help a brand, product, or service become even better. My experience is that most people are happy to receive well-intended feedback. 

Constructive feedback requires more thought and time, and it can be scary for those who care enough to share.

Handle the nuclear button of opinion with care.

We live in an age where everyone has a voice online and can easily share their opinions on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Unfortunately, the online world is not a complete and fair cross-section of the population. Anonymity and distance allow people to write things they would never say face to face.

I dare to say that internet trolls are a small minority who make the most noise and cause the most damage.

Any feedback can be damaging or helpful depending on how it is given, so we must handle the nuclear button of influence and opinion with care. We all have the power to raise a product or a brand up or bring it down. The more followers we have, or the more public we are, the more mindful we need to be with the nuclear button of opinion.


Because, as you know, it is much easier to criticize than it is to create something, and this is why I am speaking up today on behalf of all the hard-working folks out there. 

I am grateful that you clearly appreciate the work we do (our website, products, and service); otherwise, you would not be reading this piece. 😉🐶

Thanks to you, we have earned 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.❤️ 

If you know someone who has been excessively critical and expressing negative opinions without taking any action to create positive change, please share this message with them in a kind and caring way.

Thank you for being a part of our community and helping to make a difference. If you have a dog (or dogs) in your life, give them a hug for me.