Poppy was a starving mamma dog



September 8, 2023 Update

It’s amazing what only 16 days with regular meals can do! Poppy was so emaciated when she first arrived we had to do small frequent meals with speciality food to slowly get her body used to food. Though she still has a little more weight to gain she is doing great and is such a sweet and happy girl!


August 28, 2023

This rescue story is all too real and only one of the many our Intake Teams face when they go out. 💔

I gave them everything I had. All moms know the sacrifice. For that precious baby (or, in my case, precious babies), there is nothing we won’t do for them. As you can see from my picture, there is no doubt how much I loved my little ones. ❤️

SCARS was asked to help me by local authorities. All appropriate reports have been made. What matters most right now is helping me regain my strength and health, and when I am ready, I will be spayed, so I never have another litter. 🫶

Please consider adopting or fostering. SCARS didn’t really have room for me, but really, how could they say no? 🥺