Ordering From Meyer Hatchery: Accidentally Received A Rooster



5. Preventing Future Surprises

To avoid accidentally receiving a rooster in the future, ensure that you order sexed female chicks from a reputable hatchery like Meyer Hatchery  If you see the tern, “Straight Run,” often times abbreviated SR, this means the chicks you order will be unsexed and can be either gender or a mix of both genders.  While no sexing method is always perfect, purchasing sexed chicks will significantly reduce the chances of ending up with an unexpected rooster.

In conclusion, discovering an accidental rooster in your flock can be an unexpected and potentially challenging situation. However, by exploring various options such as rehoming, contacting local resources, or even culling, you can find a solution that works best for you, your flock’s needs, and your unplanned rooster. Remember to always check local regulations and consult with experienced poultry keepers when making decisions about your flock.