New edition of SPACE exhibition in France – Reports



The 37th edition associated with SPACE exhibition, probably the most important agricultural and livestock fairs in Europe, were held in Rennes, France, on September 12, 13, and 14, joining together significantly more than 1200 exhibitors from 39 different countries and much more than 100,000 visitors.

The fair also features the Innov’Space awards ceremony, which recognizes the absolute most innovative products of that time period. This present year, away from a complete of 118 proposals, 37 companies received awards.

In addition to your 11 pavilions therefore the open-air exhibitions with exhibitors representing all species presenting their offers and approaches to visitors, SPACE delivers a hundred or more conferences working with highly relevant and differing topics (animal feed, livestock farming practices, international problems, environment, etc.) in addition to sheep and cattle genetics competitions.

This year energy, a subject of emerging interest, has received its very own pavilion.