Introducing Koi: The Shy, Sweet, and Unique Frenchie Looking for His Forever Home


“Koi, oh Koi, where art thou Koi?”


Location: Montana

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Neutered male

Health: Tip-top, just needs a little eye TLC (wiping under his eyes to keep them dry so skin infections in the folds are prevented)

Personality: Shy, Submissive, and Sweet as Pie


Koi, our one-of-a-kind Frenchie, might be a bit nervous and slow to warm up, but once he does, you’ll discover a heart of gold.


His favorite hobbies? Playing with his favorite toys and hanging out with his favorite humans


Koi responds to “no” like a pro, so teaching him the ropes is a breeze. He does like to mark but if he’s taken out frequently, he does well with potty training. He’s a leash expert when suited up in his harness, ready for adventures with his future family. He also does well in a crate and needs to be in one on car rides or he will get nervous.


Koi’s a connoisseur of stuffed toys and balls and watching him entertain himself is a show in itself! When he feels comfortable around his canine pals, Koi transforms into a Zoomie master, zipping around like he’s auditioning for a superhero role! But this Zoomie master is not so great with stairs.


Koi’s quiet demeanor makes him a paw-some companion for all. He gets along with all people (including children), all dogs, and cats! However, Koi does suffer from some separation anxiety.


But here’s the real scoop: Koi is a true people-pleaser. Once he attaches to someone, he’s fiercely loyal, making you feel like the star of your own heartwarming movie.


So, if you’re ready to add a touch of unique charm and sweetness to your life, consider giving Koi the forever home he truly deserves.


Let’s make Koi’s journey from shy to shining star one full of love, laughter, and cuddles.