How Cecile Long Steele Helped Transform Chicken into an American Staple



“Growing up in the city, I knew nothing about farming, and started from the bottom up when I met Brian! One of the first times I came to the farm, I went into a chicken house and was blown away by the size and scopeI didn’t have any concept of what ‘raising chickens’ entailed! I’ve developed a strong appreciation for the care and passion that the farmers across the country have to raise a product.

Little by little, decision by decision, our farm has made sustainability common practice. We at Arbogast Farms are looking toward the future with optimism. We have the next generation coming up on the farm, learning and watching, and, also, inventing and doing. We hope we have created a culture that looks at innovation and sustainability as a baseline, not an end goal. We look to continually improve our practices in this generation and into the next, leaving our land and resources in a better position than where we found them.”

–Lauren Arbogast of Virginia