Cat ‘Knocked’ on Door and Peeked into House, Trying to Get Someone to Notice Her, Her Life Shortly Changed



A cat “knocked” on a door and peeked into a house, trying to get someone to notice her. Her life shortly changed.

stray cat tuxedoAnnie the catMurphysLawAnimalRescue

A family was stunned when a cat showed up outside their door, calling for their attention. The fluffy black and white beauty with ear tufts appeared out of nowhere and was friendly, eager to be let in.

“She wandered up to the kind family and ‘knocked’ on their door. She peeked in, meowed and got their attention,” Sarah Kelly, founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (an all-volunteer rescue), shared.

As the family approached the tuxedo cat, she sauntered around their porch with her tail held high and chatted up a storm, as if she was ready to leave the streets behind.

stray tuxedo cat doorShe showed up outside a family’s door and tried to get inMurphysLawAnimalRescue

The kind people took the cat to the vet to check for a microchip but couldn’t find one. She was estimated to be 1.5-2 years old, and no one came forward to claim her.

Millions of cats enter animal shelters each year in the US, many of which were left behind or abandoned. “We were contacted by the vet about taking her into our program, and knew we had just the place for her,” Sarah added.

stray tuxedo cat meowingShe waited and meowed until she was rescuedMurphysLawAnimalRescue

Right away, Sarah and her team arranged for a foster home for the deserving cat – a safe haven with bountiful food to chow on and plenty of soft things at her disposal.

Most of all, she would have a dedicated carer to tend to her needs and get her back in tip-top shape. “Her name is now Annie, and we are grateful to be able to give her this soft landing between adventures,” Sarah shared.

tuxedo cat vetAnnie was taken to the vet, and she was sweet to the veterinary staffMurphysLawAnimalRescue

Shortly after moving indoors, Annie plopped down on the floor and kneaded away happily with her forepaws. As she explored around her new space, she continued rhythmically stretching her toes, feeling completely content with her surroundings.

“She’s making biscuits and warming hearts, laps and cozy blankets.”

tuxedo cat pawsShe was over the moon to be inside a house and kneaded away with her happy pawsMurphysLawAnimalRescue

Annie was instantly comfortable being in the company of her foster family. She’d follow them around and supervise them as they went about their day.

The tuxedo has been living with a broken canine for some time, which is bothersome whenever she eats. The rescue is working on getting her a full dental and extraction, so she will finally be able to enjoy her nourishment without discomfort.

tuxedo cat annieMurphysLawAnimalRescue

After roaming outside, trying to find safe shelter, Annie ended up on the porch that changed her life completely. She is blooming into the happy, loved and spoiled cat that she ought to be.

In just one week, she has made some good, healthy gains and is looking fluffier than ever.

sweet tuxedo fluffy catShe enjoys sunbathing by the window while supervising her humansMurphysLawAnimalRescue

Now, she gets to sit back and enjoy basking in the warm sun rays, watching little critters out the window or sitting near her people, being their sweetest companion.

“She’s a special girl, and we’re so excited to offer her a second chance at finding the perfect forever home.”

fluffy tuxedo cat annieShe makes a wonderful couch buddyMurphysLawAnimalRescue

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