‘Bad Dog’ Who Nips And Snarls Meets Woman And Her Magic Chicken Nuggets



Many people might see a snarling, aggressive dog and assume the worst. However, behavioral specialist Sahari sees something different: a cry for help. Sahari is known as the “chicken nugget trainer” for her unique approach to helping fearful dogs overcome their anxiety and aggression. By using patience, understanding, and a little bit of food, she has transformed countless dogs into loving companions.


Sahari’s method begins by simply sitting with the dog and feeding them chicken nuggets. This creates a positive association between her and the dog, allowing them to slowly build trust. As the dog becomes more comfortable, Sahari can start to work on addressing their fear and anxiety.

One particular dog, who initially appeared aggressive and unapproachable, began to show signs of progress after just a few days with Sahari. By day three, the dog was coming out of her kennel and even bringing toys to Sahari as a sign of trust. This was a clear indication that the dog’s aggression was rooted in fear, not a desire to harm.


Once the dog had established a bond with Sahari, she was able to form connections with other people as well. Sahari’s fiancé was the next person to bond with the dog, followed by several others. Each new connection was formed more quickly than the last, demonstrating the dog’s growing confidence and trust in people.

After a couple of weeks, the once-fearful dog was able to go on walks, hikes, and even camping trips with her newfound human friends. She had blossomed into a loving, affectionate companion, proving that with patience and understanding, even the most fearful dogs can overcome their anxiety.


Sahari and her fiancé drove 800 miles to find the perfect home for the dog, where she now has all the toys, love, and affection she needs to continue thriving. Stories like this one are what keep Sahari going, as they demonstrate the power of compassion and understanding in helping dogs overcome their fears and become loving companions.

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