Anonymous Donor Pays Adoption Fees for Black Cats in Arizona



Black cats, like black dogs, are often overlooked by potential adopters in shelters. That’s why an anonymous donor is sponsoring adoption fees for black cats and dogs ages 1 year and up at the Arizona Humane Society.

Anonymous donor aims to increase black cat adoptions

According to AZ Central, the anonymous donor is a cat lover. They adopted their own feline friend, Jean Valjean, from the humane society. They hope to honor their own fur baby by sponsoring other people’s intentions to adopt.

The humane society announced the news on Facebook.

“Spoiler alert,” the post read. “They’re not spooky at all! In fact, in many cultures (Japan and Scotland to name a few), black cats are actually considered good luck.”

Black cats are common targets for folklore and superstition. There’s the belief that crossing a black cat’s path means bad luck. Some associate the pets with the devil or witchcraft. Many connect these felines to Halloween.

Some shelters actually put the adoption of black cats on hold until after Oct. 31 due to fear that the cat will be abused in Halloween rituals. While it’s important to note that not all black cats face potential risks during this holiday, some shelters opted for a cautious approach. By postponing the adoption of black cats until the day after Halloween, shelters aim to ensure black cats’ safety and well-being. Shelters that endorse this kind of policy hope to prevent any potential harm that might befall these feline companions during the spooky holiday festivities.

October is International Black Cat Month

The black cat adoption fee sponsorship runs through the end of September, but the recognition of black cats continues on. International Black Cat Month is another way cat advocates are trying to dispel the stigma surrounding black cats. This annual celebration runs throughout the month of October. It aims to rewrite the “spooky black cat” narrative by highlighting the beauty, charm, and distinctive personalities of black cats.

During International Black Cat Month, animal shelters, cat rescue organizations, and cat lovers around the world come together to promote the adoption of black cats. Special adoption drives, events, and social media campaigns are organized to showcase the elegance and affectionate nature of these ebony-colored feline friends.

Beyond adoption, this month serves as an opportunity to educate the public about the significance of responsible pet ownership, emphasizing the need for a loving and secure home for all cats, regardless of their coat color. By challenging the unjust biases against black cats and fostering a genuine appreciation for them, International Black Cat Month plays a pivotal role in reshaping the lives and fortunes of these incredible animals.