6 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds for Allergic Homeowners



It’s no secret that cats are one of many mainstays of the Web. These feisty felines are as lovable offline as they’re on-line, whether or not on Youtube or the window sill. Cats make nice pets and may contribute positively to their homeowners’ psychological wellbeing and holistic well being.

Sadly, cat allergic reactions exist, and never all folks can get pleasure from cozying as much as a chubby tabby. The allergy lies not in cat hair however in a selected protein present in cats’ saliva, dander, and urine. However whereas there isn’t a such factor as a totally hypoallergenic cat, there are just a few breeds which have much less of this allergy-causing protein, making them a extra viable choice for homeowners who could endure from allergic reactions.

In case you are hyper allergic, think about these extra hypoallergenic cat breeds:


Cat breeds that inherently produce much less of the protein that causes allergic reactions embody the Siamese cat. Siamese cats are widespread, due partly to the truth that they don’t shed. This breed is famous for its quick hair and distinctive eyes, in addition to their tendency to be fairly vocal. Siamese cats make loyal and loving pets although they demand quite a lot of consideration from their favourite people. A Siamese cat is an efficient choice if you’re involved about allergic reactions.


Balinese cats are sometimes known as “long-haired Siamese”, so you realize that they lean towards being a hypoallergenic breed. These cats are sensible and social, making nice additions to households with youngsters or different animals. Balinese cats don’t shed a lot, and homeowners don’t have to take them for normal grooming. Balinese cats are really helpful for these with sensitivities or allergic reactions, and make pleasant, low upkeep pets.


The misperception that allergic reactions stem from cat hair might trigger you to assume that any hairless breed will probably be hypoallergenic. The sphynx cat is usually hairless, although they may require frequent bathing to stop homeowners from allergic reactions. Plus, keep in mind that sphynx cats do have distinct wants that embody care to cut back the oil that naturally accumulates on their pores and skin. These cats are effectively well worth the effort nevertheless, as they’re pleasant, social, and sensible, by no means failing to entertain their people. Some examine sphynx cats to canine, as a consequence of their unwavering loyalty and playfulness. When you endure from hypo allergic reactions, a sphynx cat could be the breed for you.

Sphynx cat picture credit score: https://pixabay.com/images/animals-pets-cat-cats-sphynx-1246303/


Bengal cats resemble cats that you could be discover within the wild, like leopards or cheetahs, with their uniquely noticed coats and smooth silhouette. Bengal cats are as hypoallergenic as you can see, and so they make fascinating, clever feline companions. Bengal cats are curious, clever, and fairly energetic. They will change into bored simply. Since Bengals are thought-about unique pets, your area or metropolis could have legal guidelines in place relating to possession; make sure that to seek the advice of along with your municipality earlier than bringing a Bengal cat into the house to stop issues later.

Bengal cat picture credit score: https://pixabay.com/images/cat-package-bengali-bengal-4075772/

Russian Blue

For a extra hypoallergenic breed, think about a Russian Blue. These cats are calm, quiet pets that like to be affectionate with their people. This can be a shy, light breed that won’t do effectively round quite a lot of chaos, noise, or different animals, although they do are inclined to adapt effectively to new environment. Their identify comes from the distinct coloring, which is brief, dense, and grayish blue. Brushing your Russian Blue cat regularly can cut back the allergens and cut back shedding for homeowners with hyper allergic reactions.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon Cat could also be a shocking breed for this checklist, nevertheless, these cats are thought-about to be extra hypoallergenic pets than many others. The Maine Coon cat produces much less of the problematic ‘Fel d 1’ protein that causes allergic reactions- and they’re an intriguing breed to easily watch. Recognized for his or her thick coat and lengthy hair, the Maine Coon is the biggest home cat breed extensively, weighing upwards of 20 kilos. Many examine the Maine Coon cat to a lion, as a consequence of their bushy mane, pronounced ears, and lengthy tail.

Maine Coon Cat picture credit score: https://pixabay.com/images/cat-maine-coon-feline-pet-fur-7954713/

Cat Allergens and Allergic reactions

What about those who have already got feline besties and which are affected by allergic reactions? There are some steps that homeowners can take to avoid the protein being excreted from their cats, whereas in flip, decreasing the allergens within the house atmosphere. Even these cats thought-about to be extra hypoallergenic might trigger allergic signs to manifest with out their homeowners’ vigilance; here’s what you are able to do:

What About Cats That Have Allergic reactions?

Identical to people, cats can endure from allergic reactions too. The excellent news is that veterinary merchandise exist to alleviate potential allergic reactions on your feline buddy.

One at-home answer that may present allergy reduction to your cats are CBD pet merchandise. Whereas hashish might be poisonous for felines, cannabidiol, or CBD, affords a complete host of therapeutic advantages – notably in case your cat suffers from allergy signs. Some perks of CBD are:

  • Diminished irritation and swelling.
  • Enhance within the immune system to fight signs.
  • Calming, soothing results.

By no means give a pet any CBD product that’s meant for people as it could show poisonous. All the time talk about dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies- together with CBD- along with your veterinary supplier for continuity of care on your pet.

In case you have hyper allergic reactions, think about one in every of these more- hypoallergenic cats. Know that purebred cats have totally different veterinary wants and there are distinctive well being dangers for various breeds of cats. Discuss to a feline veterinarian to seek out out extra, or to additional talk about the advantages of CBD on your pets.